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Catherine stock and Karen Lynn Williams

We think the theme is perseverance. Put your mind to it and never give up. Kondi's brother, Ufulu,disagrees that kendo can't make a galimoto. Kondi got stuff to trade with his friend gift for more wires. Now Kondi is looking for some wires at different places like a motor bike shop, bike shop, the mill and a friend using a wire for an ant hill. book makes me feel scared because people called the police on Kondi which was scary On Kondi when he wasn't doing anything wrong he was just picking up metal scraps that no one was using.

Submitted by: Ethan K. and Landon

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Green Apple
By:Eve Bunting

The theme is that just because other people think you are mean does not mean that you did anything to them if they think so. Farah only spoke to Anna once because she wanted to know her name and she was new to a school and also new to the country. Then the girl named Anna and came up and helped the people and she was very nice to Farah and it is like Boundless Grace and amazing Grace. Just because other people think that you are bad at other people doesn't mean that you are mean to other people and that does not mean that you are a bully and other people think that you are a bully.

Submitted by: Grace and Lauren

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The Great Serum Race
Author: Debbie Miller

The theme for The Great Serum Race is never give up. People were dying so the sled team got the Serum. One of the sled mushers dropped the serum and took off his gloves and felt around until he found the Serum. The sled teams went 600 miles Total. I think just because you can't do something, never give up.

Submitted by: Nicholas and Jaxon S.

The team worked together to get the serum to Nome but huskies died and they could not get there in time.

Submitted by. Jaxson


Tea with Milk
The theme is never give up. Masako wanted to stay at America but her parents made her stay but then she went by herself. Masako saw a man in a alley said to him do you want to go back to America."No,because they are transferring me to a different office in Yokohama". Mosako and Joseph got married because they didn't want to leave each other behind.They had found a home in Yokohama together.This book makes me think that somebody you love will always love you.

Submitted by Jaxson W. and Malik

The Wonderful Tower of Watts
By: Patricia Zelver

The theme is never give up. Old sam's dream was to build unique things that were made out of junk. He just wanted to build using old junk like plastic, tiles, seashells, bottles and junk. He technically helped the children because they always wanted to see his towers and how much he built each day. This made them learn and be interested. He didn't care about selling his house. He didn't care if people looked at his tower of watts.

Submitted by: Caden and Lauren

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Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story in Nine Innings
By: Deborah

The book's title is Girl Wonder. The theme is never give up even if people say girls can't play baseball. When she strikes every boy in town. When the coach said girls can't play baseball and she proved him wrong. And in the story it says she was the best pitcher in the baseball league. Never give up on things.

Submitted by: Kallen

A Bus of Our Own
Freddi Williams

I think the theme is perseverance because even though her feet hurt, she kept on walking back and forth from school to her house and she didn't want to quit! She kept on asking for a bus since she didn't get one because she was colored and only white could ride the bus! She didn't give up when cousin Smith came home with a broken down bus that needed fixed so she helped come up with a idea for them to help all of the black children be able to ride the bus to school and back home. This message makes me think that we are very lucky to have buses and bus drivers!

Submitted by: Esa


My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay
Cari Best

I think the theme of the book My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay is never give up because Zulay keeps trying. Even though Zulay is blind she keeps trying to run on the track with a cane that helps her see where she's going. Miss Turner gave her that cane for the field day race. Zulay keeps trying to do singing, dancing, do math, reading, and art. With all that work that Zulay did she finally managed to finish in 1st place with the help from Miss. turner. This book makes me think that you should be kind and never give up even though it's hard.

Submitted by: Mallory

I think the theme of this book is friendship because her friends are supporting and encouraging each other. Zulay is blind but she is learning to walk with a cane by herself do her friends don't mind that she's blind . They share with each other and encourage each other and they help each other like maya helps her with her work. Zulay wants to run on the track even though she's blind . This book makes me think about friendship and reminds me not to give up .

Submitted by : Adrienne


Grace for President
Kelly Dicchio and Leuyen Pham

I think the theme of GRACE FOR PRESIDENT is perseverance because even when Grace failed she had persevered and tried again. Grace kept trying to be class president but MRS.Barrington invited MR.Waller's class to join the election their class chose Thomas Cobb and Graces heart sank. But,she did not give up and tried to beat him. When Thomas Cobb ran for president,she still had perseverance and ran against him. So Election Day came and Thomas and Grace took their places on the stage. The score wasThomas 268 and Grace 267 Grace was nervous but she had confidence and she hoped to win Wyoming voted for Grace to win. If you preserve you might achieve your goal.

Submitted by: Jaxson W.

Looking out for Sarah
Glenna Lang

The theme is perseverance because Perry the guide dog never gave up on Sarah. Perry persevered not to eat the crumbs on the sidewalk because he had to guide Sarah. Perry persevered to guide Sarah across busy road safely, because Sarah was blind from diabetes. Sarah showed perseverance by still playing musical instruments and getting outside more, though Sarah was blind. The message in the book makes me think never give up on somebody.

Submitted by: Nicholas

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Misty Copeland, Christopher Myers

In the book, Firebird, I think the theme is perseverance because the girl keeps on believing in her self to accomplish ballet . At the beginning the main character told her sister to believe to accomplish ballet but she said I'm as gray as rain I'm not as good as you. But her sister keeps on giving her information about ballet and she started following information about and realized it made her better at ballet and she wanted more information. Close to the end of the story she believed in herself and was as good as her sister and they could dance together so full out.

Submitted by: Alexa

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You Can Do It!
Tony Bungy

The theme of You Can Do It! Is perseverance. Linden couldn't find his (it)talent.then he found his it but it took him awhile to find his"it".he never gave up on his "it" because he knew he would find his "it". Linden got in trouble from his teacher because when she asked him what do you want do be when you grow up. He said I don't know maybe a duck. This book make me think of that I should never give up because it made me think of how I never give up.

Submitted by Dylan C.

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Nelson Mandela
Kadir Nelson

In Nelson Mandela the theme is never give up. Nelson was a kid and he was poor and was sent away to live with the chief to continue schooling. Nelson was grown up and he disrupted the law. And he was old and he was freed from jail. He believed everyone should have freedom and he became their leader. I think all people should have freedom.

Submitted by: Landon


Martin's Big Words
By: Doreen Rappaport

The theme of this book is never give up , because Martin kept on trying even when things got though. " Love is the key to the problems to the world ". Martin's house got bombed along with his brothers but he didn't give up then. They marched lots of black Americans marched with Martin for freedom and wanted to treated fairly. They didn't physically fight they fought calmly even when the whites didn't fight fairly. Finally the whites agreed for freedom and Martin helped collect garbage with others and talked and walked with them but on his second day there he got shot and died. This book makes me realize how how other people were treated unfairly .

Submitted by : Adrienne

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Strong To The Hoop
John Coy

I think the theme is perseverance because you should let them play even if there short. James was to short to play on the main court with the big kids. They would not let him play because of his height then ripped Marcus shirt. Then he said call the foul. Then Zo bounces the ball like a yo-yo between his legs. "This is it. The team that wins keeps playing and I feel my heart BEATING." said Marcus. Perseverance works. They won. This is the same as how I play basketball.

Submitted by: Malik

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Thank You Mr. Falker
Patricia polacco

The theme is never give up. Trisha never gave up and tryed to read for years. She never gave up even when her grandma and grandpa died. She never gave up and no bully never stopped her from trying to read.It made me think that you have to perserver a lot nd try hard.

Submitted by: Ethan S.

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Mina Javaherbin

The theme is perseverance because Ajani worked hard in school, soccer, and friendship. A kid was at the top of his class for reading and worked so hard to get the prize and he got the prize. The guy called his friends out because they were going to play soccer and the boy who owned the soccer ball persevered to get a goal. When the bullies came to the guy and his friends they stole the plastic ball and persevered to keep the ball behind the guy's legs so the bullies wouldn't find it. The message in this book makes me think always persevere.

Submitted by: Nicholas

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Wilma Unlimited How Wilma Rudolph Became The Worlds Fastest Women
Kathleen Krull

The theme of Wilma Unlimited is perseverance because Wilma did not give up even though her leg was twisted inward. When Wilma turned five her leg twisted inward and she had to have all of the blankets that the family had. She had to go to the hospital to do exercises for her leg so she could feel better. Wilma did the exercises at home even when it hurt. Wilma played basketball without the brace that she had before. She got a scholarship to run track Tennessee state university and she went to the Olympics and won three events and went home with three first place medals. This book makes me feel that even if your hurt you can do anything.

Submitted by: Jaxson W.

Marcel Marceau, Actor without words
Leda Schubert

I think the theme is perseverance because Marcel wanted to be a mime so he went to school and started studying to become one it took a while but he didn't give up his dream. Marcel was born in 1923 in Strasburg France he wanted to be a mime. His father died in concentration camps and the people who returned were never were able to talk about it. That made his choice of silence. After World War II he made at 24 he created a character named Bip. He became quite famous. He's a person like no one else the world's most favorite mime. He had no competition. To count his prizes and awards it would take very long time. The message in this book makes me think you can be whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it.

Submitted by: Anna


you never heard of willie mays?!

We think the theme of this book is preservance because everyone said he can't play baseball because he was black but he did not give up. The only job black people could have in Birmingham worked back breaking jobs in the steel mills not baseball. When people said he couldn't play baseball he didn't listen to them kept practicing because he thinks they would change the law. According to the text " the major league didn't let black people play craziest rule ever. This make me think how I was practicing baseball

Submitted by: Dylan

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I Mathew Henson
Carole Boston Wetherford

We did not want to be a cabin boy he did not want to be stock boy at a men's store to Worker his way up the latter to work he did not give up. He did not give up getting men so they all agreed on bring the Eskimos to there adventure. During the adventures to the North Pole he did not want to sit all day so he became a railroad porter.

Submitted By Kallen

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Mr Ferris and his wheel
Kathryn Gibbs Davis

The theme is perseverance because he wanted to Outstand the Eiffel Tower star attraction at the last world fair every body said that mr ferris cant build the Farris wheel but he did. Mr Ferris had to build the Ferris wheel in ice cold snow and it was like digging a rock but they hit solid ground. Even mr Ferris said he can't make the Ferris wheel but he did.

Submitted by cooper