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Linda Ashman

The theme in RAIN is kindness. Also be nice to everyone even if you don't know them.
When the kid asked his mom if he could have hot coco he said please. He was also nice when the guy at the store told him hi and he said hi back. And also when he gave a grumpy man his hat back because the old man dropped his hat. This makes me think what if everyone was nice how would our world be?

Submitted by: Kallen And Holden


Patricia Placco

I think the theme is kindness because some girls got in trouble but they learned to be kind. Some girls named Gage, Kenyon, and Maeve treated some new girl names Lyla badly so there being bully's. For example the three girls that are being bully's her are whispering bad and mean things about her. The three girls are making fun of Lyla because she is hanging out with a friend that is a boy named Jamie Aldrich. Jamie helped Lyla and her brother set up there Facebook page. Based on what read the three girls where not being nice to her in the begging and being nice to her in the middle because at the end Gage told everybody at the school that Lyla stole the test that was missing. This book makes me think that no one should be a bully because it hearts people's feelings.

Submitted by: Mallory Meehan

Also no one should talk to her and they would throw stuff at her when she cheered they would leave bad messages

Submitted by Kallen

My Best Friend
Mary Ann Rodman

I think the theme My Best Friend is kindness because Lily kills Tamika with kindness! But Tamika already has a best friend! Tamika where's a 2 piece swim suit! Lily feels she has to where one too! Next Wednesday Tamika's best friend wasn't there! Lily and Tamika had so much fun! When Tamika's best friend came back it's like Lilly's not even there! Then she gives up but it turned out good because Keesha is Lilly's new best friend!

Submitted by: Esa

Papa's Pastries
Charles Toscano and Sonja Lamut

I think the theme is kindness because papa was awake baking pastries. From the shadows Miguel watched as papa prayed. When papa was done, papa removed the pastries. Miguel helped papa put the pastries in the sack and then they started their journey to the first village. Miguel thought they would sell many pastries here. But the villagers did not have money to give. But the villager was as thin as a skeleton so papa gave him some pastries. This book makes me think I will always show kindness by helping others.

Submitted by: Autumn

i think the theme is kindness also because Papa showed kindness by selling or should I say giving pastries even though they did not have money to pay for the pastries.

Submitted by: Mallory


Boxes for Katje
Candace Fleming

I think the theme of the book, Boxes for Katje is kindness because someone named Rosie sent boxes to Katje and her town to make them happy. After the war people died and there was not much people lift in a tiny Dutch town of Olst. But Katje is still alive she young and poor. But in Indiana a girl named Rosie sent Katje and her town stuff to keep alive like socks, surger, chocolate, and cloths. Every time after Rosie would send Katje would send her a thankyou letter and tell Rosie what she did not have the stuff that Rosie gave her Then Rosie would send her a box and a letter and they would just keep on doing it. For a thankyou for Rosie Katje sent a full box of tulip buds to grow in her town to make it beautiful and Rosie was super happy. This book makes me think that everyone sould have stuff that's lovely and not just dust and old and everyone sould be kind.

Submitted by: Mallory

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Yard Sale
Eve Bunting

The theme is kindness because the family sold almost everything they own,but they still have each other. Her best friend came over to her yard. Why are there so many people in your yard my mom and dad are haveing a yard sale. She see a man loading her bike in his trunk she grab one of the wheels saying this is mine she said. Her dad said ever thing is free take what you what. It makes me think about when other move.

Submitted by Malik