Henri scissors
The Soccer Fence
Phil Bildner

The theme is hope because the boy keeps hoping that he can play soccer on the field. When the ball came flying his way behind the fence he came running to get it jumped and caught it and gave it back. When the boy asked them if you could play on the other side of the fence they did not say anything back. After all the boy in the blond hair boy ask him if you wanted to play with them. My opinion is always let people play with you.

Submitted by: Kallen

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Sonia Sotomayor
Jonah Winter

The theme is hopeful because Sonia was to become a judge in the United States. Sonia mom was studying if she was not cooking or working. Trying to become a nurse. When Sonia graduated she had to move away and live in a dome. She study all day and night to become a judge. President Obama had decided to nominate Sonia to the best job a Supreme Court justice. This book makes me think what you hope for really can happen.

Submitted by: Malik

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By Damien beauty and Bryan collier

I think the theme is fairness because the boy and the papa were playing a game but 2-3 whole months later papa came back. Segregation was almost here! When the boy and his papa were playing a weird game called knock knock one day his papa did not come back he left a note on his desk but 2 months later papa responded back which really surprised him! He was still really sad though then his papa came back 1 week later. This book makes me feel sad because his papa left and waited 2-3 months then ha came back.

Submitted by: Ethan K.

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My Rows And Piles Of Coins
Tololwa M. Mollel

I think the theme is hope because the little boy hopes he can help his family get loads to get to the market to sell things and get some money to buy a bike so he can ride with loads of food and things to sell. He saves his money to try and buy the bike but he does not have enough money to buy it. He has been training to ride a large bike to carry loads to sell for money but then he finally has enough money tobuy the bike but then he wants to buy a wagon. This book makes me feel like you can do any thing you want.

Submitted by: Ethan K.


Henri's Scissors
Jeanette Winter

The theme is hopeful because he was so ile he couldn't travel he had to wait until he was strong enough to travel. When Henri was a young boy he wanted to paint like his mom. When Henri was not ile no more in stead of panting he cut with scissors. Even though he couldn't not pant he could draw and make artwork.

Submitted by Malik Riley