Peter's Chair
Peter's Chair

Peter' s Chair
Ezra Keats

The theme is generosity. At the end of the story Peter gives his little sister his chair even though at the beginning he didn't want to. Also, at the end of the book Peter feels happy about giving his baby furniture to his baby sister. He doesn't get frustrated when they painted his stuff pink. This made me think of the time I shared my stickers with my little brother.

Submitted by: Ethan S. and Cooper

Sam and the Lucky Money
By Kiren Chann

The theme is generosity because Sam took his lucky money he got from his grandparents and wanted to buy whatever he wanted but he couldn't find anything. He found a old man right next to a vegetable cart and sam started kicking two red paper mounds. He noticed the poor man had no socks and no shoes. So,He went back to the poor man and gave him the money and said " can't buy shoes with this but you can buy socks". The man is happy because he has money. This book makes me think that I should be generous wherever I go.

Submitted by: Jaxson W.

I agree that the theme is generosity because Sam has lucky money and he shares that with the homeless man and helps him get socks to keep his feet warm.

Submitted by: Anna