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Your Move
James Ransome

I read Your Move. The theme is friendship. A boy named James babysat for his 6 year old brother Isaac, but his brothers friends did not make the right choices. James and Isaac want to get into a group called the K Bones. When their parents go to work, they sneak out to meet up with the K Bones. The leader of the K Bones named Kris got in a fight with the Snakes. The boys see the snakes coming with guns. The boys decided they are making the wrong choice. On page 14 they made their mind up they don't want a the hat that makes them a part of the K Bones. James and Isaac are friends because they are holding there hands together and do not leave each other behind.

Submitted by: Halee Bohmeier


Four Feet, Two Sandals
Karen Lynn Williams

We think the theme of this book, Four Feet, Two Sandals, is friendship because they were kind and had fun with each other. Linda and Feroza became friends when they started sharing some sandals because they both had found one at the market and they both hadn't had shoes for a while and were both bare feet. They traded the sandals every other day and shared a tent until they got to go to there new home in America. When Lina had to leave to go to America before Feroza they each kept one sandal so they would have memories. This book makes me think you can connect with friendship in many ways.

Submitted by: Adrienne

They were such good friends Lina began to cry when she got on the bus to go to America.
By Grace

Pictures for Miss Josie
Sandra Belton and Benny Andrews

I think the theme is friendship because Miss. Josie helps the boy find what he really likes to do and she has a lot of boys. When the boy met miss Josie he felt like she was a giant but as the days went on he felt like she wasn't a giant. Miss Josie took the boy out for a walk and they discovered a lot of cool things they have not seen before. This book makes me think of being nice to everybody.

Submitted by: Autumn

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Emily's Art
Peter Catalanotto

I think the theme is friendship because the friends stayed strong because they never weren't friends. Kelly won because Emily thought her how to draw the butterfly that she used in the contest.Kelly encouraged Emily to paint again by Emily painting Kelly a T. rex that she loved which made her think her drawing were good so she drew again. At the end of the book Kelly said "I need to get something " then Kelly got Emily's picture of her and Emily was happy and they had a ice cream party. The message made me think of when I tried and tried.

Submitted by: Ethan S.

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Mina Javaherbin

I think the theme is friendship because Ajani shares his brand new ball with his friends. On the back of the book it says celebrate the strength that comes from friendship. Ajani and his friends are playing a soccer game.They sometimes cheat but not always. Ajani even lets his friends play with his two balls which shows friendship. Ajani and his friends play soccer to play, have fun, bond together,t o stay connected, to stay children,t o stay human but most of all they play to play.

Submitted by: Ethan King

Betty Lou Blue
By Nancy crocher

I think the theme is friendship because Betty Lou helped a bunch of boys Evan though they made fun of her. When the kids was making fun her she did not want to p,at with them they would make fun of her that she had big feet. When they got stuck in the snow she did not want to help them but she ended up helping them because it is the right thing to do. And at the end of the book every won they all wanted to be her best friend. I think you should not ever make fun of someone evan if they have something that you think it it weird so do not make fun of someone

Submitted by Kallen

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mr. George baker
Amy Hest

Friendship is the theme because I don't think George has any friends so the kid is helping him.So a kid is friends with a 100 year old helping him do work at school because he can't read. And if the kid didn't come every day the old man George would be really lonely. That's why the kid comes every day to help him. George is a famous drummer he used to be. So he's really good at drumming. The kid did a very good deed.

Submitted by Jaxon s.