Martin's Big Words
Doreen Rapport

I think the theme in the book Martins Big Words is freedom because Martin was fighting with his words to get freedom for his country and Alabama. And after he tried to get freedom people didn't like it and his house got burned but he didn't stop fighting for freedom. At the end people got freedom and he went to Tennessee to help there state like he did to his but they did not like it either and he was shot and died. The message in this book makes me think of segregation that ended so many years ago.

Submitted by: Alexa

Also black people wanted freedom because they were bossed around and they had to go to certain places for food and stuff they need.

Submitted by: Sully

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Hannah is My Name
Belle Yang

Hannah's family only wanted one thing and that one thing was to have a green card so they could be able to be free and live in a house and have a job in America so they can get money for the family. When Hannah is living in America she is getting scared that she will get caught without a green card and be sent back to ware they lived before in Taiwan and Hannah was getting scared that she will not see her friends again and be sent back. As the days went on Hannah did not even trust the guard but at the end the man had warned Hannah's family that the man was coming to check for green cards and soon they lived somewhere else in America and a year passed and something came in the mail. IT WAS THE CARDS but Hannah was a little confused because they were blue but she did not care and Hannah's family was so happy that they were free. In the book the message makes me think that freedom is possible.

Submitted by: Dylan D.

Nelson Mandela
Kadir Nelson

The theme of this book is freedom. In the middle of the story a sign that said for white only beach. Nelson said we must win back Africa. But speaking out was against the law. The ancestors sent there daughter Winnie to stand next to Nelson. They found love and married together. They stood and fought apartheid. This book made me realize that people were segregated.

Submitted by: Dylan C.

The theme is freedom. In South Africa black Africans couldn't go to the same places as the white Africans. Nelson Mandela wanted equal rights. He wanted black and white people to go to the same movie theatres, beaches, and parks. Nelson didn't think what was going on was right. Nelson went to jail for years. People needed a leader. But they did not have one because he was arrested and taken to jail. Nelson made changes by never giving up and he got the freedom he wanted for South Africa. He even became South Africa's leader. This book makes me want to help others by helping them achieve their goals.

Submitted by: Jaxson W.

I think the theme is freedom because Nelson Mandela was sent to jail so many times and that's never fair to a lot of people. Nelson Mandela was trying to stop the white people to stop and the president said people need to stop segregation. Nelson was fighting for the rights to be free and to stop apartheid and his wife. Nelson was a fighter for freedom to Africa so that's why Nelson Mandela was fighting for freedom. This book makes me feel think how many sit-ins there were and I'm just so proud of Nelson Mandela and now I want to meet Nelson Mandela.

Submitted by: Ethan King


Coming to America

We think the theme of this book is freedom because the immigrants came to America for freedom. Immigrants came to America for a new life or to make money. After Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean other Europeans wanted a land of there own. This book makes me think how America was made.

Submitted by: Dylan C. and Cooper

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The Remarkable Story Of George Moses Horton Poet
Don Tate

I think the theme is freedom because there was slavery and it was so wrong slaves needs to fight back most slaves even killed there masterminds. George was a slave he was a hard working slave but he loved words and nothing can stop that they were like heaven to him he loved them so much he became a poet but he did not have the time to write poems it was illegal back then to legally teach a slave any thing once a slave= unteachable his master would not sell his valuable slave for his famous slave worker or any of them but then there was a war slaves vs masterminds most slaves even killed there masters just for freedom! This book makes me feel sad for the slaves and now I wish slavery was never created EVER!

Submitted by: Ethan