The Bracelet
Yoshiko Uchida

The theme is family. the evidence is when Emi was about to leave for camp her best friend Laurie gave her a bracelet so Emi could remember her. At camp she lost the bracelet and her mom said you don't need a bracelet to remember Laurie she had her in her heart.The other evidence is when ma put a picture of Emi's father on the shelf ma and Emi realized they didn't need a picture to remember papa they could remember him in their hearts. When Emi was about to leave for camp she closed her eyes and tried to picture her home the way it was and she could only do that in her memory.

Submitted by: Anna and Halee

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The Patchwork Quilt
By Valerie Flournoy

Something doesn't have to be new or bought to be good, and it can tell a story about a family. Grandma said a store quilt won't last as long as a homemade quilt and it's different from others . It's special because it's like no others and it's made by a family that tells a story. A homemade quilt is different than a store quilt because it takes time and lots of work too . Making a homemade quilt is a experience of bonding with your family.

Submitted by: Alexa and Adrienne

The Table Where Rich People Sit
By Byrd Baylor.

The theme is family. Never give up the things you have and always keep those things in your family. When the family was having cookies on the only plate they had, they were always rich in themselves. They had $4,060,000.00. They all think money should not go on the list . The book represents how their money doesn't mean anything to them. It's not as important as they thought. What they have as family is special to all of them.

Submitted by: Ethan K. and Landon

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Author: Dorros

The theme is spending time with family. Abuela and her granddaughter look at the beautiful things they see in there dreams. Like when the granddaughter sees her father working in the building. They spend time with each other and the granddaughter images herself flying like a bird,flying above the city and flying above the waves. They do stuff together and go on adventures in their dreams like going to the Statue of Liberty and riding on tops of planes. The message is Imagine your dreams and spend time with your family.

Submitted by: Caden and Dylan D.

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The Story of Ruby Bridges
By Robert Coles

The theme is treat the you want to be treated. When white and black people gatherd in court 3 white girls went to the same school but ruby went to 2 white school.white parents didn't want black kids at a white,the parents didn't send there kids to school. One day ruby did not come right in the school. The teacher saw Ruby talking. Do not judge people by color.

Submitted by: Malik and Jaxson W.

Mrs. Katz and Tush
Patricia Polacco

The theme is family. Larnel is nice to Mrs. Katz and he visits her a lot . Larnel is giving Mrs Katz a cat because she is lonely. He goes to Mrs Katz every day to help. She is part of his family. It makes me feel like if you don't have a friend get won.

Submitted by: Landon

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Tar Beach
Faith Ringgold

I think the theme of Tar Beach is that you don't need to make everything right in your Family. But still he can't join the union because Grandpa wasn't a member. Well daddy's I going to own the that building ' cause I'm gonna fly over it and give it to him. Then it won't matter that he's not in the union or then he's colored or a half -Indian , like they all say. Also mommy won't cry all winter. When he's going to look for work and doesn't come back. Daddy said that the George Washington bridge was open when I was born. Ever since I wanted own the bridge myself now I claim it. I just had to fly over to the bridge and I own it now. Love your family the way it is.

Submitted by: Dylan C.

Most things they do in there family involves something or somewere in
the city.

Submitted by Cooper

The First Strawberries
Joseph Bruchac

I think the theme is family. The husband and and the wife where mad each other but together they where a family.he was mad at her because he came home and the wife was picking flowers and he expected dinner. They married each other and loved each other. When they where in a fight they got back together because they loved each other. This book makes me think that family's are unique.the strawberries Made the husband and the wife back together because the sun shone the light to the plant of the strawberries and then the husband caught up to her and saw her picking the strawberries then they smiled at each other and then the husband said please forgive me for my hard words and that's what the strawberries have to do with it. So that's why I think the theme is family.

Submitted by: Mallory Meehan

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How to Heal a Broken Wing
By Bob Graham

The theme is that you can't let someone get hurt. In the beginning of the book, Will is the one who saw the bird lie down. Will's family helped the bird can heal it's wing. At the end of the book the bird healed and it flew away. This book makes me feel like I need to help someone by achieving their goals.

Submitted by: Landon

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Rudi's Pond
Eve Bunting

The theme is family because the girl and Rudi were big friends and Rudi with his friend the girl she was sad when he got very sick. They both did anything together because he didn't mind. Rudi didn't mind if he had to play dollhouse with her. He even played tea parties. They were acting like they were brother and sister. They did everything together they were like they were family. For example Rudi was never mad at her. They did not care if people said that they liked each other because they really did like each other. They said to the people that they really do like each other. Rudi was sick very sick and the girl well she lost her friend because Rudi was about to die because of how sick he was. This book makes me feel or think about when I moved I was thinking that I would make a lot of friends but I only have one that is a girl and she is so very nice to me.

Submitted by: Lauren


Arthur Dorros

The theme is family in the book Abuelo. No matter where your family is they are still your family. Abuelo and his grandson were family a even though they got lost getting off the trail.
In the text Abuelo taught the boy to stand tall and don't let people let you down. Abuelo taught his grandson to know when to laugh and when not to laugh. Sometimes family members have words of wisdom.

Submitted by: Caden

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Fred Stays With Me
Nancy Coffelt

The theme is family. When the girl was with dad she eats peanut butter and jelly and at her moms house she eats pizza and Fred her dog is with her at her moms and dads house. Mom and dad are sick of Fred's barking but they don't get rid of him because their daughter loves him. Everyday the girl and Fred the dog play with each other like families do. The message makes me think that a dog can be part of your family even if it is annoying. You don't get rid of it.

Submitted by: Kallen Hoeft

The Matchbox Diary
Paul Fleishchman

In the book, The matchbox Diary. I think that the theme is family because Alice was asking what are all of the memories about what happened when he was a kid. The great grand daughter found a box full of memories and she the great grand daughter she got to go to a baseball game because they had tickets for it. They both also went fishing because they had to get some more food to eat at meals. They both also were talking about the memories of the girls school and when she was in kindergarten teatcher was a very stricken. This book makes me think of my family fishing at a lake or at a pond that had a lot of fish that were not that gross to eat at there meals but they never ate fish for breakfast.

Submitted by:Lauren Sondgeroth

One Hundred is a Family
By: Pam

The theme is family because in the book there are different families. In the book there are one hundred families. It goes on and on that the family's do different stuff and in different places family's are what you need. The family's pick apples, play with each other, and mow the lawn. They have as much fun as they want together.

Submitted by: Landon

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Isla the Sequel to Abuela
Arthur Dorros

The theme is family because Abuela and her granddaughter go and see some people in her family. At the island Abuela tells the granddaughter about her family history. Abuela tells her granddaughter that they can visit the island any time. This book makes me think that family is a lot more than the people that you live with

Submitted by Caden


A New Years Reunion
You Li-Qiong

I think the theme is family because Maomao's father loves her and does lots of things for her Maomao's father gives her a fortune coin because he missed her and only sees her once a year. When Mao looses her coin he pulls another coin out of his pocket because he feels bad for her. Maomao loves her father so much that she gave her fortune coin to her father because she never sees him. My opinion about the book is I think everyone should have loving and caring parents

Submitted by: Holden

In the book, A New Years Reunion, the theme is spending time with your family because every year the dad will come home to see his wife and darter for Chinese New Year. When the little girl lost her lucky coin that her dad have gave her the dad tried to cheer her up but she still wanted her lucky coin. The mom,dad and family were giving her stuff but she did not want it. Latter on the little girl went to bed and took off her coat and her lucky coin fell out. She ran over to her dad and showed him. Then her dad said he'll get her a doll next time but she said no she said she wanted to do the lucky coin again. The message in the book makes me think if I only got to see my dad one time a year I would be sad.

Submitted by: Dylan D.

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So far from the Sea
Eve bunting

The theme in the book So far from the sea is family because theY were very lucky to have each other. Laura and Thomas are Japanese Americans and their parents were kids when Japan and America were at war and they were took away to the camps. Their grandfather died at the camp and many years later Their mom and dad grew up and brought Laura and Thomas to the cemetery in honor of the grandfather. When Laura and Thomas don't understand why the Americans put them in camps Laura says " It was the meanest thing in the whole world." "We were loyal Americans". Laura was upset about what had happened in their history and whispers " it was wrong."Wrong. "Wrong." Her dad then says " sometimes in the end there is no right or wrong". " it was a thing that happened long years ago." A thing that cannot be changed". The theme in this book makes me think that History can not be changed but we can learn from our mistakes.

Submitted by: Anna

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Train to somewhere
by Eve bunting

The theme is family because Nora and ma'am are orphans and need a new home so they get on a train to get a new home. Nora and ma,an aren't getting of at the Rite station every time. They finally get of at the rite station. At the end they got a new home and a new Family. This book makes me think of if I was a orphan.

Submitted by cooper


patriacia palacco

We think the theme is family because she made books about her family and adopt her pets she was born in land micugeon and grew up in onion city and she moved oakland calupornu her parents where divorced she whent to her dads house for the summer and her dad traveled her mother culected rocks geodes from her culecshon it makes me feel like a good man.

Submitted by: Landon esch