Play Ball Jackie!
Author:Stephen Krensky

The theme is equality. The people who were black had to play in the Negro Leagues Because they were black and they weren't allowed to play in the major league. According to the text, Black people could only watch the Negro Leagues. At last, the black people got to go in the Major league and the fans who wanted to watch the dodgers could watch the dodgers when the dodgers are in the Major league. This book makes me think everybody who doesn't have fair things should have fair things.

Submitted by: Nicholas

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The Bracelet

The theme is equality. Emni did not want her big sister to see her crying so she wipe the tires away quickly. Emni's family had to move away because Japan was at war with America so all Japanese americans to be segregated. Emni and her family had to pack as much as they could Cary and moved to Apartment#40. Which was a place where hoses used to live. No, more segregated.

Submitted by: Malik

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A Sweet Smell of Roses
Angela Johnson

I believe the theme is equality. For example, Minnie and her sister go to march with other people for equality. When they where marching people where yelling "you can't have equality." And then Dr. king gave a speech about equality. The girls heard Dr. kings speech. Why people would not expect black people? It makes me want to be nice to everybody no matter what they look like or their color of their skin.

Submitted by: Sully

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A Taste of Colored Water
By Matt Faulkner

I think the theme of this book is equality because it there is a separate water fountain for the blacks. The blacks are getting Forced to the ground by gallons of water because they are protesting. Blacks are protesting for equal rights. This book makes me think of when people long ago did not have equal rights.

Submitted by: Cooper

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Queen of the Track
By:Alice Coachman

In the book, Queen of the track the theme is equality because Alice wanted to run and jump as long as she wants. And she wasn't able to go to gyms, parks, and never get to go to tracks. Alice really wanted to be able to run around as proud as her brothers in the yard and her parents said that it wasen't lady like. Alice didn't use her running skills because she only wanted to win the medals of the running skills track team. At that same year she still loved to be with her family.

Submitted by: Lauren