Fifty Cents and a Dream
Jabari Asim

I think the theme of this book is dream big because Booker always dreamed of going school and he accomplished it . When Booker was young he dreamed of going to school and learning to read but he couldn't because he was a slave but he dreamed on . When Booker was older and slavery ended he heard of a school called Hampton Institute were black people could go and read all the books they wanted but it was 500 miles away and he walked there by foot . Booker listened and carried their dreams with him when he finally got to school he couldn't pay for it so he got a job to pay for school and reached his dream and got in . This book encourages
me to keep dreaming no matter what .

Submitted By: Adrienne


The boy who invented television
Kathleen krull

Dream big. when Phil's plowing the field all of his dreams fuse together and he knew how to make television. He filed for many government patents because he believed his idea would work. He had a big and important idea that electrons could make pictures instead of discs. Cool it's tv right!?.

Submitted by Jaxon.S