Eleanor Roosevelt Quiet No More
By: Doreen Rappaport

And this is the story of Eleanor Roosevelt.I think the theme is Courage because she had the courage to talk in front of all of the people. Back then the Wifes had to have an interest in what ever the husband had an interest to.She had to persuade a lot of people around the world so her husband could be president. She stood up for what she believed until it happened. This book makes me think of is that I will always have a Voice..............

Submitted by: Autumn Marcus and lucy

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Queen of the track
By: Heather Lang and Floyd Cooper

I think the theme is courage because as Alice Coachman had faith and courage she made it to the Olympics and she won it. When Alice was little she loved running and jumping but as she got older her dad said " that running and jumping was not lady like sense she is one of the 10 children. She had a lot of chores to do she got up early to cook corn bread and eggs after school she washed clothes and hung them up to dry and she picked cotton and peaches with her older brothers and sisters. And took care of the younger children still Alice could think about running and jumping Alice collected sticks and rags tied them together to make her own high jumps. Alice collected sticks and rags tied them together to make her own high jumps Alice jumped so high, she soared like a bird above the cotton fields so she filly made it to the Olympics she did the 5ft. 6 1/8in. and she set a new Olympics record. This book makes me think that I will have that courage to reach my dreams.

Submitted by: Autumn Marcus

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Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys
by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard

The theme is courage because Virgie wants to go to school with her brothers but her mom and dad say girls don't need to go to school but her brother Cornelius believes in her and helps convince their parents that Virgie should go to school.When Virgie's mom and dad realize that Virgie does need clear education they give her permission to go and her brothers take her and they have to cross a creek to get to the school .Virgie falls in the creek her other brother Nelson grumbled oh great now she'll start crying but she didn't. Instead she said I will be more careful next time anyway it's a hot day my dress will dry and got up . Nelson And will her brothers say raw head and bloody bones live in the forest and will get her but Virgie's not scared. She sings the whole way through the forest and her brothers sing along.The theme in this book made me think Virgie is a girl I would look up to. She is brave,smart, calm, and kind. When her brothers are mean to her she isn't mean back she just gets it over with.

Submitted by: Anna

Everybody said Vergie could not go to school with the boys. But Virgie had lots of courage and also the boys. Then Vergie got to go school with the boys.

Submitted by: Mallory

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The Moon Over Star
Dianna Hutts Aston
The theme is courage. The whole family watched Neil Armstrong land on the moon except Grandpa.
Grandpa just thought it was a waste of money. So he does not like the moon. But at the end he was watching the moon and he actually did like the moon after all. My opinion is to not be like the Grandpa because he thinks it's a waste of money just to see the moon. But I think it's fun because you can jump on it. it's like floating there is no gravity.

Submitted by Jaxon S.


Mighty Jackie
Marissa Moss

I think the theme is courage because Jackie never gave up. Jackie had the courage to stay up and practice baseball until her arms hurt. "She worked hard." Jackie had the courage to play on an MLB team with all the boys. Jackie had the courage to not let insults get to her. For example, In the text Babe Ruth Said "Woman are to delicate to play baseball. "They will never make Good."It would kill them to play ball every day". The message in the book makes me think just because your a girl or a boy doesn't mean you can't do something that you can't do.

Submitted by: Nicholas Woodward


Major Taylor
Lesa Cline Ransome

I think the theme is courage because when a cycle said things about Taylor he had courage to keep going. Taylor had courage to be in a race and was the only African American in the race and people said he can't do it and proved them rong. He had courage to porform his bikesicle stunts in frout of all those people. Taylor had enough detecatn and that's how he got his name Mager Taylor.

Submitted By: Halee