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My Name Is Yoon
Helen Recorcits

The theme is confidence because Yoon had to go to a new school and when she got there she tried. When Yoon went to school the teacher gave Yoon wanted her to write Yoon and she wrote cat and the girl behind her laughed she still tried. The next day she the teach gave it back and said "you're cat"she said no and wrote cupcake. The next day the teacher gave it back and said "you're cupcake"she said no and wrote Yoon.

Submitted by: sully


Nothing but Trouble
Sue stauffacher

We think the theme of Nothing but trouble is believe in your self because every body called Althea Gibson a trouble maker because she gets sidetracked and is out playing past her curfew! And doesn't return to class when gets dismissed. But still does everything she gets in trouble for. Even though she didn't like what she had to where and what she had to do but she still played it. And people were amazed! And even though she didn't believe in herself Buddy walker did! And that caused her to believe in herself! With that,Althea Gibson became the first African American ever to compete in and win the coveted Cup long considered the highest honor in tennis.

Submitted by: Esa, Dia and Amanda

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Electrical Wizard: How Nicola Tibla Lit Up the World
Elizabeth Rusch

We think the theme is believe in yourself because Thomas Edison and most people that used Thomas Edison's inventions did not believe in Nikola but he became very successful. No one believed in Nikola Tesla but he knew he could make alternating current. Nikola went on a walk with his friend and taught his how alternating current works. Nikola never stopped believing and became very successful. This book makes me want to just be me.

Submitted by: Sully