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all different now
Angele Jonson

In the book all different now I think the theme is change because they woke up as slaves and went to bed with freedom . The girls family woke up from the breeze from port they started working in the Cotten fields in Texas and then words spreaded f rom port to town though country side and into the fields. They prayed and cryed in a happy way for the change port made for there homes. They had a picnic for the first time by the beach they had lots of fun and "what was before would be no more .the message in the story makes me think everybody should be treated the same .

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Rain School!
James Rumford

In the book, The Rain School! I think that the theme is change because the kids did not know anything about school but only knew what a notebook and a pencil were and that what they were for. First Thomas and the other kids learned how to build a school out of mud, grass for the roof, the sticks, and the sun to dry the mud into mud bricks. When they got to school, they learned their alphabet and lots of other things. They first didn't know a lot, but now they can teach each other. At the start of the school year their notebooks were empty, but on the last day their notebooks are rumpled from learning. This book makes me think of when I had to move schools, and I learned new things in my new schools.

Submitted by:Lauren Sondgeroth


Noah Webster
Jeri Chase Ferris
The theme is change because Noah American school books so everyone could speak the same language. Noah's students didn't have American school books so Noah got an idea to write American school books. Noah decided to go to every state and talk about his ideas. When the Civil war ended and freed slaves learned how to read from Noah's Blue back seller. This book makes me think if everyone spoke the same language then no one would have miss communication

Submitted by: Holden