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Testing the Ice
Sharon Robinson

The theme of Testing the Ice is bravery. Jackie Robinson went on the ice to it to make sure it was safe to skate on the Ice. Jackie was out on the ice testing it so his kids could be safe to skate. In the beginning it said that he stole home to beat the Yankees in the World Series. Jakie asked to join a white 's team and mr. dude said are "you are going to expireens pepole yelling at you and objects being thrown at you will you do this " "yes I am willing to ".

Submitted by.Cooper, Sully, and Ethan S.

I think the theme is bravery. The year was 1955 and it was the 9th season. It was the Brooklyn Dodgers vs. the New York Yankees. It took 7 games but the Dodgers finally beat the New York Yankees. They moved from Queens in New York City to Cascade Road in Stamford Conneticut. The house was siting in the middle of 6 acres. If I was Jackie Robinson I would feel proud of my self because he broke the color barrier in baseball so long ago.

Submitted by: Ethan King

He was talking to Branch Rickey and he was brave enough to move teams in the world serices. The team that he moved to didn't go in the world services but he still said I will do it.

Submitted by Lauren Sondgeroth

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Mimi's Village and How Basic Healthcare Changed It
By : Katie smith Milway

The theme is believing. Mimi gave her little sister some water to drink with bugs in it only because her sister wouldn't walk home without any water Her sister, Nakiss got sick but Mimi still believed she would get better. Mimi figured out a way for her village to get its own nurse's hospital . Her village did not one and it took over one night to get to the nurse's office . I learned that wen you get sick nurses can help you.

Submitted by: Grace


The Bus Ride
William Miller

We think the theme is bravery because anyone should sit wherever they want on the bus. One day Sara wanted to find out what was going on in the front of the bus so she walk up to the front of the bus and ask them want is so special over there. The bus driver spotted Sara siting in the front of the bus and told her not to be in the front. the bus driver said if you don't follow the rules you can walk. the bus driver got out and the bus driver got the police to talk to Sara and then then the police picked up Sara and took Sara to the station. It makes me feel like everyone should have freedom.

Submitted by: Landon


The Story of Anne Frank
Author: Brenda Ralph Lewis

I think the theme is bravery because Anne Frank was a young girl who had to move from place to place and get away from Adolf Hitler he was the leader of the Nazi party. He became ruler of Germany. Hitler blamed the Jews for many of the country's problems. And began to make it difficult for them. Jews began to lose there jobs. Horrible slogans were scrawled on the windows of Jewish restaurants and stores. Otto Frank decided to move his family to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He believed they would be safer there, among the Dutch people, and so they were-for a while! A new rule was introduced in January 1941 Jewish people were no longer allowed to go to the movies or the beach and had to were yellow badges a six pointed star of David, a Jewish symbol. Then on July 5 there was terrible news Margot received a letter telling her to report to the SS. The Franks decided to go into hiding in the annex the following day. There were 3 bedrooms a tiny wash room,a toilet a large room with a store and a sink and a attic on August 4, l944 an informer telephoned the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police, and told them that Jews were hiding at 263 Prinsengracht. Once they found them they took them to 3 different camps the 3rd one the 2 sisters died. And the mom died but Otto frank still lived! He read Anne's diary and decided to make it into a book. This book makes me think or remember that there is always bravery in so many different ways!

Submitted by: Esa


Watch the Stars Come Out

The theme is bravery because the girl and the boy have to protect each other because there guardian died. The little girl and her brother went on a boat to America without family and they had to be brave. While the parents were in America waiting for their children needed to do be taken care of. There was no one. So the 10 year old boy took care of his little sister. They got to New York got on another boat and had to try to get to their mom and dad in big crowds. This book makes me think they can do it.

Submitted by: Jaxon S.

Into The Forest
Author: Anthony Browne

I think the theme of Into The Forest is bravery because the boy was very scared to go into the forest but he had lots of courage and he made it. For example first the little boy saws a other boy who asked him if he wants to buy a nice milky cow " Ill swap it for that fruit cake in your basket". But that boy just kept walking. For instance next the boy shawl another person but this time it was a girl and she asked " Hey what a sweet little basket what's in it" the boy told her it's a fruit cake for my sick grandma and he kept walking. Next the little boy ran into a boy and a girl. They where siting by a fire. The boy asked him if he shawl there mom and dad because there cutting wood in the forest for a long time. As the little boy walked in he heard the little girls dreadful crying. This book makes me think that I should be kind and be brave.

Submitted by: Mallory Meehan


Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride
By Pam Muñoz Ryan

I think the theme of this book is bravery because the First Lady goes on a nighte airplane ride with Amelia even if the Secret service didn't approve it. The First Lady gets a new car and it is fast and dangerous. Amelia has to talk to the government about air travel. This book makes me think of the most brave people.

Submitted by: Cooper

The theme is bravery because Amelia was the first woman who flew a plane. Amelia went to the White House to eat dinner. Amelia said to Eleanor Roosevelt that she can go on her plane so she whent on Amelia's plane. Eleanor told Amelia that she can go in her new car and they took a ride. I think that they do brave stuff that a girl can't do.

Submitted by: Landon


Henry's Freedom Box
Author: Ellen Levine

The theme is bravery because Henry was brave to pour oil on his blood so he could take a day off of going to his master. Henry got through a tough time because he couldn't see his wife any more after he got married and had two kids. He misses his kids to. He shipped him self to Philadelphia because he wanted to be free from slavery. When he got there he had to hold his breath and could not breath or move. This book makes me think of my grandpa who was in the Civil War.

By: Halee Bohmeier

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Fish for Jimmy
By Katie Yamasaki

I think The theme is Bravery because taro takes great risks to help heal his little brother jimmy .Taro broke out of the prison for Asia and got some fish from a near by stream.he risked being caught by the guards because his brother wouldn't eat the foods the guards gave him.taro told dad and other kids how every week he got fish for Jimmy.I learned that some times you have to take great risks to help loved ones or pepole you care about.

Submitted by Ethan S.

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The bravest of us all
Marsha Diane Arnold

I think the theme is Bravery because Velma Jean was always super brave. Velma swam in the horse tank full of stinging cat fish. Velma ran barefoot across the sand but patch. Velma was the only one who was brave enough to face Alfred the bull. Ruby Jane got the Velma to go into the tornado shelter when there was a tornado coming. The message in this book made me think of when there was a real tornado

Submitted by Caden


When Jessie Came Across the Sea
Amy hest

I read When Jessie came across the Sea. Jessie was brave because she was chosen by the rabbi to go across the ocean and had to leave her beloved grad mother. They were both sad but they knew that was best for her. That rabbi told grand mother that Jessie had to go on a ship to America and he told them that was best for her. She needed a new life because her mother and father had died and so she could get married as a 16 year old girl. Jessie will have a foster mom but not dad and the foster mother will help her do her sewing. At the ship port you had to give them questions to answer and if you do not pass you had to go back home but her laddie her foster mom was there to get her in. She did not know English and her foster parent said she had to go to school and was very hard for her to catch on and had an idea to get her grand mother a ticket to come to America to see her and at school. She was catching on with reading and writing. This story makes me feel her pain if I had to go across the ocean I would miss my family. By halee

Theodore Roosevelt
Darren Rapport

In the book,Theodore Roosevelt the theme is bravery because Theodore Roosevelt was never afraid of anything. Theodore had a sickness, that kept him inside when he was a kid. As he grew Theodore started to climb mountains, volcanos and camp in sub freezing weathers. Theodore was a brave to write bills and he would write at least four bills in 1week but his bill would never pass. Theodore was brave enough to walk the cities at night when the police were off duty. This book makes me think that you don't always have to be brave to do a thing that you don't want to do.

Submitted by: Lauren