Welcome Precious
by:Nikki Grimes

The theme in this book is beauty. The dad said the boy is beautiful in his own way. Welcome to your giddy grandma's arms. When the mom puts her hand on her son's little belly button, she sings him a lullaby and he laughs. This book reminds me of when I was little and things my mom did that were the same and they were beautiful things.

By:Halee Bohmeier

The theme is always look on the bright of things. When Precious parents said welcome to a world wrapped in rainbow they meant the world is a better place. And Precious dad said welcome to a cool delight of ice cream and the sticky joy of peanut butter and the hint of honey. And the parents said welcome to the squeaky surprise of yellow ducky. They meant welcome to a world of toys.

Submitted by: Kallen and Holden

Silent Music
James Rumford

Beauty is the theme because Ali thinks words are beautiful. Ali loves to write words. And he thinks the words are beautiful because his pen flows through the paper. He also loves to write long words and every day he writes the words on his fogey mirror and on his windows. To him this is beautiful. His hero is a man named Yakut who made beautiful words and created new ways to make words. The reason this book is called Silent Music is because Ali thinks words are like Music... They are beautiful.

Submitted by: Holden

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My Light
By: Molly Bang

The theme in My Light is that nature is pretty of how it looks like right now. The girl Sadie was showing all of the plants that she liked that were in her backyard. Sadie was also showing all of there prettiness in the book. Sadie was also showing how phones worked in her world connected to our human world. The message in this book makes me think of my family and all of the plants in my backyard.

Submitted by: Lauren Sondgeroth

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Life in the Ocean
By: Sylivia Earle

In the book, Life in the Ocean the theme is nature is good in its own way because the girl (Sylvia) was talking about the sea. The theme nature is good is because Sylvia was talking about plants in the water and on the land. Syliva was just as eager to be seeing out in the water to find all of the plants that she has not learned about. The walk she took, took her to 1,250 plants under water. This book makes me think that we need to pick up trash so that the plants can grow anywhere.

Submitted by: Lauren Sondgeroth

Good-bye Havana ! Hola, New York
Edie Colon

Gabriella saw the beauty in Cuba by the ocean because she thought it sounded like music. Next Gabriella was learning to see the beauty in America by going to school and making best friends. When her grandmother came to see her she was happy because she learned English so she could say"Welcome to America".I think the message in this book makes my feel happy because she found beauty in everything.

Submitted by: Grace


Divali Rose
by: Vashanti Rahaman

In this book, Divali Rose, I think the theme is beauty because he found beauty in things that he didn't think he would. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Ricki knew that the roses were filled with color and he thinks it's beautiful. Ricki accidentally broke a flower off and felt really bad about it and scared so he waited a while to tell and his grandpa thought it was the new Indians. " I tell you it's those Indian people " grandpa said. Then when Ricki admitted the truth he realized that the roses were the color of fire. This book makes me think I can find beauty in anything, anywhere, anytime .

Submitted by: Adrienne

Mr. George Baker
Amy Hest

I think the theme is beauty because Harry keeps on saying what he loves about George.
Harry says "I like George's crumpled hat. And his long stretchy legs." Mrs. Baker puts a snack for George and she says "for the man I love" And then Harry thought "George has crooked fingers because he was a drummer man people sometimes come and listen to him play. This book makes me think what if everyone was like George if they were than everyone would be the same.

Submitted by: Holden