Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match

Author: Marisol Brown

We think the theme is always be yourself no matter what. Just because your different doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Marisol eats different food likes to wear different clothes and play different things. Marisol's brother says that out fit doesn't match but it does in your own way. ". "Mrs .Apple says that I want you to know that I like you just the way you are because the Marisol I know is a creative and unique girl. No matter how different you are your perfect in your own way."

Submitted by: Alexa and Adrienne

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Looking Like Me
Walter Dean Myers

The theme is being yourself. The boy says a real handsome boy looking just like me. And when people say are you artist and he says I am that's what I am. He said I am a city boy. You always be yourself.

Submitted by:Kallen Hoeft

I think the theme of looking like me is be myself because you can be anything you want to be. Jeremy looked in the mirror and did he see a real handsome dude looking just like him.Along came his sister,fine as she can be. Hey Jeremy she said"you're little brother to me,".along came my fatherhood said having fun? Because if you are. "You need to add son" this book makes me think how I can be myself.

Submitted by Dylan

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Dancing in the Wings
Kadir Nelson

The theme in the book is being different is ok. Sassy was very tall and had big feet people tease her a lot mostly her brother. She could dance well but she couldn't have a partner. She imagined and practiced a lot and got picked to go to Washington DC because of her moves and her family was very proud of her. When Sassy got there she found a partner as tall as her and she finally got to shine on stage . This book makes me think of the book Marisol McDonald Doesn't match because it's about being different too.

Submitted by: Adrienne

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Rap A Tap Tap Think Of That
Leo & Diane Dillon

In this book I think the theme is be any thing you want to be. wants to help people feel good to make the world a better place he'd pretty much make everyone's day so much better even if there feeling mad or sad even if bojangles is felling mad or sad he will try to make there day a lot better he will try. He'd bring pleaser or joy to the people he'd greet and bring happiness to the world.

Submitted by: Ethan King

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Marisol McDonald and the Cash Bash
Monica Brown
The theme is be yourself.Marisol brother said"yuck" because she put orange juice on her cereal. Based on what I read I know Marisol was s being because she doesn't match her clothes. Marisol doesn't have one birthday party theme she has 4 because she can't decide one. This book makes me want to be myself.

Submitted by: Sully

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Oliver Button Is a Sissy
Tomie Depaola

Oliver did not want to go join the boys that where playing football , he went and hiked. His mom and dad sent him to Leah's dance class, so he could get exercise and be him self. When he brought his tap shoes to the schoolyard they teased him but he didn't quit. This book makes me want to be myself and no one else.

Submitted by: Sully

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Sonia Sotomoyor
By Jonah Winter

The theme is be your self because Sonia wanted to be a juge but she became a Supreme Court justice. She was a kid and she got diabetes but she wanted to be a juge. She graduated to be the best student in the hole school she went to college. President Obama nominated her so that she can be a Supreme Court justice. It makes me feel like you can do anything.

Submitted by: LANDON


My Name Is Yoon
Helen Recorvits

I read My Name Is Yoon. I think the theme is different is ok because Yoon was from Korea and did not know her alghibet and not no how to speak English and did not no how to rite English. Yoon worked quietly at her desk and did not speak at all and at school her teacher was talking about the word cat and instead of righting her name she rote cat. Because Yoon was from Korea and looked behind her and ponytail girl said you are from Korea and laughed. And pony tail girl gave Yoon a cupcake and said it is ok to be different.

By: Halee Bohmeier