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Last Stop on Market Street
By: Matt De La PeNa

I think the theme in our book Last Stop on Market Street is look deeper than what you see and be appreciative of what you have! The main character is CJ! Nana said "don't you see that tree drinking through a straw"! CJ looked for a long time but he never saw one"! "I hear Trixie got a new hat"! CJ stared out the window feeling sorary for himself! "How come it always is so dirty around here"! Nana smiled and pointed to the sky! "Sometimes when your surrounded by dirt CJ your a better witness for what's beautiful"! The message makes me want to stop asking for everything I saw!

Submitted by: Esa and Dylan C.

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Fly Away Home
By: Eve Bunting

I think the theme in Fly Away Home is appreciation. For example Andrew and his dad live in a airport. Andrew looks at all the people who are going home and is upset he has no home. When people hug each other and say " I missed you" and " it's good to be home" Andrew gets mad and wants to push them and say" what makes you so special!" Later when Andrew says "dad how come we have to live here and be on the move and others get a good house!" Dad says " it's warm and safe and the price is right". This book makes me think some people aren't as lucky so you should be appreciative for what you have.

Submitted by Anna Mcnairy