The theme in The Promise is achievement. The girl stole a bag that she thought was money and food but it was acorns.she started planting the acorns. She kept going to cities and in the country planting acorns so every city could have fresh air and rain water,and trees. The girl bag got stolen but she made a promise and said knowing my planting will go on

Submitted by Malik

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Fred Stays with Me
Nancy Coffelt

I think the theme is even if all the doors are closed there's always a way out! The girls parents keep telling her that she can't have Fred at their house! Fred shakes Park mud all over the seats of my mom's car! "What am I going to do with this dog"! Fred shakes Lake water all over the seat of my dad's pants! "What Am I going to do with this dog"! "Fred can't stay with me"! My parents say! My mom comes up with a plan! We help Fred become friends with the poodle next door! Me and dad come up with a plan we buy Fred a new chew toy and make sure all the socks are put away! This book makes me think people can like different things and can find a solution to a problem.

Submitted by: Esa and Dylan C.


Life in the Ocean
By : Claire A. Nivola
The theme in this book is achievement because she was reaching her goals. Sylvia did things that were hard to some underwater even though she grew up on a farm then moved to North of Clearwater and fell in love with the water. She stayed underwater for two weeks once and was the only woman out of 70 men on a research boat to the Indian Ocean. She had to do research underwater on algae. She cares about water. This book makes me think I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
Submitted by : Adrienne


Edward Hopper Paints his World
Robert Burleigh

I think the theme in the book Edward hopper is achievement because when he was a little boy he wanted to be a painter and when he grew up became a famous painter. He was a little boy wanted to be a painter when he grew up he went to New York and studied illustrations so he would be better at painting. After he went to New York he came to Paris to paint buildings because he thought he was good enough to do it. And after he returned to New York and got a job, there was one big problem no one would buy his paintings but he never gave up and he kept on painting. The message in The story makes me think I can do anything even if people make fun of it.

Submitted by: Alexa

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The story of boxing Legend Joe Louis
By: De La Pe √ĎA

The theme of Boxing Legend Joe Louis is Achievement because Joe completed his lifetime dream of being a professional boxer. Joe's mom sent him to go to his music lessons but instead he snuck into the boxing camp to get better education on boxing to achieve his goal to become a world class boxer. Joe came back day after day and got hurt a lot so he got older people fight to achieve their goals just like Joe. When Joe got to his first real fight he got punched by a quick fist in the second round of the fight Joe got the first strike and won. Everybody was cheering and Joe achieved his lifetime goal. This book makes me feel I can accomplish my goal if I work hard.

Submitted by: Jaxson W.