The Brand New Kid
By Katie Couric

The theme in The Brand New Kid is acceptance. On Lazlo's first day at school all the kids made fun of him. They said his hair was so blond it was almost white. It stuck out and wasn't right. His lips too pink his eyes too blue he looked at his feet and fidgeted too. At gym when they played kickball. The kids got to pick their teams. No one picked Lazlo. He sat alone and watched. When Lazlo's mother was crying because he was being bullied at school Ellie, a girl from Lazlo's class felt bad. The next day she invited Lazlo over to play and then he invited her over to play and they became good friends. At school the next day everyone thought Ellie was crazy that she was friends with Lazlo but then they accepted him and they were all best friends. The theme in this book makes me think make someone smile. If there is a new kid make them feel welcome.

Submitted by Anna Mcnairy


Nana In The City
By: Lauren Castillo

The theme in Nana In The City is acceptance because the little boy said he loves his grandmother but not the city. He says the city is busy and loud. The city is full of scary things. It is not fit for a nana. The nana says the city is bustling, booming and extraordinary. She says it is a perfect place for a nana to live. "Tomorrow, she said I will show you how wonderful the city is". When the boy woke up his nana gave him a homemade cape she sewed in the middle of the night it was to make him feel brave and it did. He finally realized the city was filled with extraordinary things. This book makes me think to give something a try because you might like it.

Submitted by: Anna Mcnairy

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Finding Lincoln
Ann Malaspina

The theme of Finding Lincoln is acceptance.When Louis walked into the Library one librarian told him to leave and the other told Louis to come back tomorrow after five.When Louis would go to the movies he would get the worst seats there. And when he would go to the swings at the park only whites could use them.This book makes me want to accept anybody and everybody.

Submitted by: Sully

When Louis when the to the library and everyone said black peoples are not allowed but then Louis but then Louis got a book so he filled 3 pages on his book report and if he could do it so can his classmates.

Submitted by: Holden

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A Sweet Smell of Roses
by: Angela Johnson

The theme is different is ok. When two girls sneak out to see Dr.King speak he says "we are right we march for equality and freedom". Some white people yelled "You are not right equality can't be yours"but they keep marching and they are confident that they should be treated fairly. At the speech Dr.King talks about peace, love, nonviolence and change for everyone.

Submitted by: Anna and Halee

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David McKee

Elmer is a patchwork Elephant and he keeps all the elephants happy because the elephants have no color. So when all the Elephants play a game it's usually because Elmer said it would be fun! And the Elephants loved him but he didn't realize it. When Elmer colors himself gray so none of the Elephants would notice him he realizes that he is one of the most specialists Elephants in the world! And when Elmer scares the Elephants all of the Elephants decide they would make a day that they would color themselves with lots of colors and Elmer realizes that all the Elephants look up to him.

Submitted by: Holden

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Last Stop on Market Street
Matt de la Pena

The theme of Last Stop on Market Street is it is ok to be different because the boy has to go to church but his friends get to do everything he or she wants. the boy goes to a food-court every day to get food. His grandma thinks that CJ's friends are missing out. This book makes me think of people who do not have enough food and have to go somewhere else to get food.

Submitted by: Cooper

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Sadie Sukkah Breakfast
Jamie Korngold

I think the theme is differences! According to the text Sadie and Ori got up early to have fun with there tradition! They looked at the sukkah! "Let's have breakfast in the sukkah "! The breakfast was heavy so,they carried it one by one!The author stated that Sadie and Oris dad says"you should always invite guests"!"But every body's sleeping and it's to early to call grandma and grandpa"!"And I'm hungry"Ori said!" I know some people"!says sadie! She got her stuffed animals and had a nice feast! This book reminds me to always keep using your imagination

Submitted by Esa

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The Name Jar
Yagsook Choi

I think the theme is acceptance because Unhei wants a new name like other Americans. She does not like her Korean name so she tries to find a new names classmates help her by filling a jar with new name so she can pick which one she wants to have she has a stamp from her Korean grandmother and a boy saw her name on a white piece of paper . He asked if he could keep it and she said yes . She ended up keeping her old name because she like it. The book make me think that if I move to a now place to live l should keep my name.

Submitted by: Grace

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Sister Anne's Hands
Mary Beth Lor Biecki

In the book Sister Anne's Hands I think the theme is difference because Anna was going to a new school and would have a new teacher who is different than most people she has seen. In the book it says that Anna dogged sister Anne's hand away then looked at it, it was dark brown I looked at the palm it was peach and pink. But then I stopped because I know it is not nice to stare. But after lunch a paper airplane sailed past sister Anne's head and hit the black bored. There was a note. Sister Anne read it out loud "Roses are red violets are blue don't let sister Anne get any black on you". Sister Anne's face froze like an tongue stuck on an icy pole. The next day we all slunk into the class room and we're surprised at what we saw. We stared and pointed at posters saying "GO BACK TO AFRICA" and water fountain saying "Whites only" and black people poor and dying. This book made me think that people did stuff that was very unkind and very foolish of them.

Submitted by: Esa


By: Barbra Cooney

I think the theme Is acceptance because people where not including Eleanor. When Eleanor was born her mother thought she was ugly. When Eleanor was about 10 years old friends and family started calling her a orphan because she did not have a family because her parents died when she was 8 and 9. Just because Eleanor was orphan her cousin Alice would tease her and never play with her. This book makes me think to be kind to people even though they are orphans.

Submitted by: Mallory