About the Contributors
Lauren I only like picture books because I always want to finish the book at the same day that I get the book. I like to write stories and always like to share my stories that I make with my family on that same day or month.


I love to read picture books I love Amelia Bedelia. I love to write my own story books and share them with my family. I'm not a big reader but now that I am in 3rd grade with a teacher who loves to read I learned to love to read this year from my teacher.


I like reading books but most of the books that I mostly read are weather books and space books too. I'm not a big fan of of writing books but they are fun to write though.

I like books about fictional books and it can be inspirering and I like to write with my friend Ethan spencer we write fiction books and with Jaxson wanza to.

WHEN THE PEOPLE GOT to gether thay did a lot of stuff together and that is why the coming to amarica that I read.


To be honest reading is my most favorite thing in the world to do. I like reading all sorts of things but mostly chapter books. I really don't have favorite books because their are to many good books out there. I also like writing stories and reading them to others my most favorite types of stories are other people's. Since we all think differently we write differently too it's fun to see what other people write because it is a whole new universe right in your hand and you might realize that every book on a shelf is ready to be read and inspired by.


i love basketball books and more books my favorite is labron James books because he is my favorite basketball and he inspired me to read about him and get more information about him so I can do stuff in basketball like him so that's why I like books.

One hundred is a family it is a contacts clue because they talk about tens to one hundred sumiitted by Landon