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Thoughtful messages
Helping readers to grow through lessons that characters experience
Encouraging readers to reflect and respond with action steps
Many faces, races, cultures, and individuals teaching readers
Examples of real life and fictional leaders who have stood up, taken action steps, & believed
Strong, powerful, inspiring, and motivating
Celebrating diversity allows us to understand the differences between ourselves and others. We can learn about these differences through reading books about others’ experiences, positive or negative. By understanding what others have experienced we can better understand them. Through understanding others, we can better understand ourselves.

The books the third graders have been reading have focused on different experiences to allow the students a chance to, not only master finding themes, but also begin to discover and celebrate differences among people. In this space the third graders are excited to share diverse literature titles and themes each one conveys to them as readers. Some of the situations the characters face are part of our national and/or world history. Other situations still occur today and are faced by us or people we know. At the same time, these books open our eyes and hearts to issues that are sometimes beyond our belief and understanding. Through all of this, these characters exhibit various characteristics of leaders. Students are looking through windows and/or into mirrors each book they self-select to read. Many thanks to our school librarian who supports the necessity for diverse literature for children of all ages to have the opportunity to enjoy.

So, take a walk through our Wiki to find a new book to read, to find a book conveying a specific theme or message, or to find a book with a character similar or different than you. Enjoy and maybe one or more of the books will encourage you to reflect on yourself as a leader.

Mrs. Kussy's Third Grade Class